My soul

Did you asked yourself, “Who am I?” or “What your soul look like?” or “Is there something like Astral Dimension?” Who knows! But here’s what I thought….

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tolerance, acceptance, love…it’s been awhile since i’ve seen them around

Tolerence A concept lacking within our community Because of the abundance of the superficialities Obsessed with defining the essence of our being Trying to suppress this anger here brewing Too preoccupied by the gender Expectations…

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Class A

Grace’s race against the man. Punk poet from the north of England. Feud.

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When I was younger I had to go to speech therapy because I couldn’t pronounce my words properly and needed help. This is about my frustrations and struggles.

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Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

Still I Rise | A Poem by Maya Angelou

“Still I Rise” is a very empowering poem by Maya Angelou. It is a poem against the oppression of the weak. The poem sends a very clear and loud message that no one can really be oppressed.

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou
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Cause and Effect by Charles Bukowski

Cause And Effect | A Poem by Charles Bukowski

This is a poem about suicide and how it often occurs to best of people. And those who don’t understand these people during their lifetime wonder why they chose death over their company. Charles Bukowski calls death as effect and oblivion created by people around him as effect.

Cause and Effect by Charles Bukowski
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Human Experience

Our world standing by for those who crave it, internally and externally. Live simply and love endlessly. Modify your story. Circumstances change & inevitably people too. I will tell you one thing: the less tangible items you…

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Fire and Ice by Robert rost

Fire and Ice | A Poem by Robert Frost

Robert Frost chooses the best alternative as a mode of destruction if the world had to end this moment. He chooses the better mode from amongst ‘fire’ and ‘ice’. He is also giving justification for his choice.

Fire and Ice by Robert rost
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Dust if you must by Rose Milligan

Dust If You Must | A Poem by Rose Milligan

“Dust If You Must” is a beautiful poem by Rose Milligan that reminds you to make most of your life, before your hands’ loose grasp of it. It emphasizes the importance of doing things that satisfy your soul.

Dust if you must by Rose Milligan
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Right Word


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Vicious Circle of Life

Life is nothing but to attain Peace..but we keep on running after artificial luxuries..

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A gifted girl

This poem is based on what sometimes society thinks …Just conveying that every girl can dream big without being judged…

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Mon cher! O time!

They say time is everything. A doctor that heals, an engineer that makes, a teacher with lessons, police to protect, a boss that orders, a servant who serves. It is your everything and your only thing. So can we not talk to it?

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Abou Ben Adhem by James Henry Leigh Hunt

Abou Ben Adhem by Leigh Hunt

“Abou Ben Adhem” is a short poem that says the best expression of the love of God is the love for fellow human beings. It’s neither the prayers nor the church services that get you in the good books of God.

Abou Ben Adhem by James Henry Leigh Hunt
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A letter to myself!!!

This poem is basically a wake-up call to all of us, a reminder that in our day to day life, we are forgetting to take of ourselves. Do love yourself as well..!!!

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