Live | A Wisdom Poem by Mystqx Skye at UpDivine


Through this wisdom poem, Mystqx Skye is trying to explain to the world the only way to live happily and fully. The way to live every moment of life is ‘extravagance’.

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A Pray | A Poem by Karan Budhiraja at UpDivine

A Pray

Through this poem, speaker wants to make a prayer. He prays to be able to stay the way he is and not be corrupted by the fake colors of the world.

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Invitation From Death | A Poem by Lameez Masher at UpDivine

Invitation from Death

“So you are messing up your life and making your destiny set For the knife you might never get”

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Take me to the stars

Take me back to the stars,Where I first started to exist,To my origins,Where the plan to put my soul on this planet was executed. Take me back to my home,So that I can understand my…

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Why Life a poem by Nandini Gupta at UpDivine


The reader has a lot of questions about and for life. Through this poem, she seeks answers to these questions. Why life?

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O Time - Take Me Back in Your Flight

O Time! Take Me Back in Your Flight!!

This poem is about a person caught in the cob-web of time. She is requesting time to take her back in its flight, so she could live the golden moments of childhood and cherish them again.

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Seasons Updivine Ritika Nahata


Idyllic florescence A neonate, alluring chap blooms like the flower.

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This poem is about, despite being content with their state; how people have different anathemas at different stages of their lives, starting from the unborn stage to the stage when they are counting their last breaths. And most interestingly, none of these anathemas are real. In the next stage or in the coming stages, people overcome them.
Say for example, when we were a fetus, and we were enjoying the warmth of the mother’s womb; the only anathema was the light and sound of the world. In the next stage (as a child), the person, rather starts enjoying the spectrum of light. What attracts a child the most, is nothing but the bright colors.

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Life Updivine

Life Like a Big-Bang

For when the time come when universe shall die,
And all will be submerged as one into thy..
Like this would be my biggest achievement,,
When there would be none in disagreement.

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