If I were in charge of the world Judith Viorst

If I Were In Charge of The World – A Poem by Judith Viorst

“If I Were In Charge of the World” lists the changes to the world that Judith Viorst brings about if she would be controlling the world. She would approve all the things that make her happy.

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My Deliberation

Recollecting My Lastingness, As Another  Year Wind Up. Below The Dawn Sky, I Ask The Almighty.. Is This The Silence, Before The Storms! Or Is It Just Another, Beautiful Morning.

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Fear no more the heat o’ the sun William Shakespeare

Fear no more the heat o’ the sun|A Song by William Shakespeare

This song is a very famous song from the play Cymbeline. It simply means that you need not really fear death. Death is inevitable. Each one of us, be it royalty or the common class, everyone eventually will “come to dust”. All that we do and all that we become will lose its existence one day. And we need not fear it.

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Jo Hai Puraana…

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To be in love by Gwendolyn Brooks Poem

To Be In Love | A Poem by Gwendolyn Brooks

‘To Be in Love’ is an attempt by Gwendolyn Brooks to explain to the world, how the journey of their love story is going to be like. She beautifully explains how emotional roller-coaster this pilgrimage would possibly be for you if you truly fall in love with someone.

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Forgetfulness by billy collins

Forgetfulness | A Poem by Billy Collins

This is the poem about the limitations of the memory-feature of human brains. Due to these limitations, we tend to forget things. This poem lays down the whole logical sequence in which our brains start forgetting things.
This comes as a word of caution to all the writers desperately trying to create a masterpiece. No matter how beautiful your creation is, it will go down to oblivion, as we all will.

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O Captain My Captain Walt Whitman Poem

O Captain! My Captain! | A Poem by Walt Whitman

Victories come with a price. Here the ship may have successfully sailed through all the perils towards the victory, but the Captain is no longer alive to taste it. The captain, here, in this poem, refers to the late president of USA, Abraham Lincoln. The poem is written with reference to American Civil War of 1861-65.

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All You Need To Do Is “Wait”

Sometimes the only option we have is to wait and let the things unfurl by itself.

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We wear the mask Paul Laurence Dunbar Poem

We Wear The Mask | Poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Its true that we all wear the masks for some reason. But, the poet here has a question that why are people always so interested in counting our feelings hidden behind the mask. Why can’t they just take us with our masks? There is a reason why we put this mask, why can’t everyone just let it be.

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I walk with a blindfold on my eyes, Earphone in my ears, To silence the judgement of the society, I bought things i didn’t need to impress people I don’t like, I took the high…

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Kya Hai Duniya Aesi Bhi…

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Look To This Day Kalidasa Poem

Look To This Day | Poem by Kalidasa

This poem is a perfect word of wisdom for all the people. This tells you the importance of today. The fact that you are able to breathe, it gives you the list of possibilities, the buffet of the courses of action from which you can wisely choose the best one.

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Annabel Lee Edgar Allan Poe Poem

Annabel Lee | Poem by Edgar Allan Poe

In this poem, the speaker talks about his love that was long lost. Lost, because it was so strong that everyone at the ‘kingdom by the sea’ envied it. The speaker believes that this, even though they were just little kids, love between him and his Annabel Lee was stronger and deeper than the ones between the people older and wiser than them. That despite the physical distance no one can part their souls from each other. Their love was real love and no teenage crush.

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Invictus William Ernest Henley Poem

Invictus – William Ernest Henley Poem

We’re not promised a life absent trials and suffering. While horrific events have sidelined many men, William Ernest Henley refused to be crushed on account of hardship.

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Aaina kuch nahi chupata…

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