Coronavirus: A Deadly PANDEMIC

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Coronavirus: A Deadly PANDEMIC
Our world is confronted with a deadly disease
We all must wake up and must not take it at ease
It’s a time to show unity and care
As this PANDEMIC does not spare
Whether old or young we all are at risk
We must avoid shaking hands and frisk
It’s a time to show unity and care
As nothing can be achieved by getting despair
We must wash our hands time and again
The attack of this PANDEMIC must go in vain
Quarantine must not make you feel bore
For it is essential to eradicate this PANDEMIC from its core
Let us not make the world a chaotic place
Let us not panic in isolation and despair
Let us face this challenge unitedly together
Let us come out of narrow mindedness altogether
Today our world is in need of serious prayer
We must ask God for forgiveness everywhere
We must ask God for forgiveness everywhere…
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