Don’t Crush the Blooming Buds

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Don’t Crush the Blooming Buds
Children are innocent don’t make them fool
Let them study and go to their school
Don’t compel them to work as labour
They are small and need your favour
If you will do with them any aggression
God won’t forgive you in any condition
You show mercy on them you will have it too
Otherwise, the whole world will become your foe
Remember you were also a child one day
Your parents and elders molded you like clay
Then you become a gentleman and a good citizen
Now it is your turn to give them attention
Prepare them to face challenges of life
Never discourage them in any strife
Whenever they need help, you help them lovingly
Never consider it as a burden and do it willingly
They will also reciprocate and help you in time
Then you will enjoy real happiness and its sublime
Why old age houses are mushrooming in society
Ask it to yourselves and not the Almighty
So be magnanimous and show some mercy
After all, you are grown up and it’s your duty
Life won’t give you another chance
Whatever you want for them do in advance
Sajed Ali Khan
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