Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

The New Year is commencing let’s make some resolutions

Never scare of problems just go on finding their solutions

Let’s the graph of your development must never go down

Sometimes situations may be challenging but you never frown

Muster up your courage to face every endeavour

This is your life’s struggle here nobody will favour

Life doesn’t give you another chance to do everything nicely

Ponder on every decision and you must take them very wisely

Come out of comfort zone as the world is galloping very fast

Lethargic people have no place here as they are very last

Analyse your achievements of past and be ready for future

Time doesn’t wait for anyone as it is the law of Nature

Your deed should talk about you; you shouldn’t talk about your deed

First, put your life on the right track then only you accelerate the speed

Celebration of New Year is every year but is there really any need?

Do Nobel deeds for others in life that will be real celebration indeed

Sajed Ali Khan


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