Our Indian Army: The Omnipotent

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Our Indian Army: The Omnipotent
Our Indian Army is so brave just name is enough
No one can stand before them they are so tough
With devotion and patriotism they are filled always
Whatever is the danger they are ever ready to face
The limit of their strength nobody can guess
In times of danger, they are front in the race
Enemies get scared when they march on the border
They are always ready to fight just wait for an order
For their motherland, they always sacrifice their lives
Leaving behind their parents, children, and wives
Nevertheless, their patriotism never fades away
We sleep in a warm bed while in cold they stay
Though we breathe in freedom and feel proud
But after reaching martyrdom they get coffin and shroud
We salute them, honour them, and remember always
Indian Army is not just an Army it is India’s face.
Sajed Ali Khan
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