Rider O’ Rider

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Rider O’ Rider
Rider O’ dear rider you are riding a bike
Don’t you be rash as no one does like
The rules of terrific have to be followed
Your whimsical nature here isn’t allowed
Speed may thrill you but you can’t enjoy
The road is not the only place to have all joy
A small mistake may lead to a big mishap
Then you may land into our police trap
Be more careful as our life is very precious
Follow all traffic rules and be more cautious
Beware! My dear, life doesn’t give another chance
So you stop doing with machine any more romance
You are free to live your life to the fullest
But don’t live your life like the foulest
Follow the decorum and discipline of riding
It’s just a bike don’t think you are gliding
Your one mistake can take your life
It may lead your family of you to deprive
So no over seating and no-overtaking
This may give the next day a news breaking
Thus, many people transit from ‘Is’ to ‘was’
Hence you must follow rules and never go cross
So you always remember as rightly it is said
It is always better late than being ‘Late
Sajed Ali Khan
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