What if I were a Skyscraper in a busy city?

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What if I were a skyscraper in a busy city?

Oh, what a beguiling view,
City of dreams, call a few.
It shines like a carnival, so grand
Did someone call the stars on the land?

I feel so ticklish, when the sun is up
Like the cells of my body are playing like a pup.
But when there is darkness outside,
I feel so hollow, like an empty ride.

This place never sleeps,
Secrets of thousands, it keeps.
I have so many doppelgängers, as sturdy as me
Hopefully, they relate to the pain in my knee.

I am 64 floors tall,
But for this huge city, I’m still so small.
People in the crowd here, are so unknown
Yet each one of them claims this city to be their own.

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