The starry night

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The tired and weary horse came to a halt,
Lonely, scared, confused, I stood,
Under the dreamy sky,
Stars twinkling like diamonds,
Sparkling moonlight through a cranny in the shroud of mist,
Dew drops glistening like clear pearls on the tender leaves of the old sturdy tree aiming for the sky.

It was a frosty winter night,
And along the lucid path, a crystal of the first snow touched my skin like a tender feather during that dark, sacred night,
It was quite and tranquil with only the faint whispers of the Firefly.

Far in the distance I noticed a glint of red and orange in this dark night,
With newfound hope I followed the light and stumbled upon an old, falling cabin within the woods,
I took the first step with fear and the second with a little hope,
Gathering all my courage I raised my hand, gently knocked on the cranky wooden door….but was served utter silence in return,
The second time, I knocked and spoke with a meek voice,” hello!?”…… but again heard only the sound of silence.

Afraid and scared, I invited myself into the house,
The wood creaked with my first step,
But I moved on, I sat and laid on the floor pushing the worries of today for tomorrow, until…..
I heard a mellifluous sound inching closer second by second.

Afraid, I looked through the frosty window,
And was graced by a lanky woman donned in a perfect white gown with beads of pearl hanging on the hem, like droplets of water threatening to fall from the clouds,
Her long, flowing hair grazed the path as she walked along.

Unaware to me my feet followed the lady who seemed to have dropped from the heaven,
possessed by the soul of a Nightingale,
She sang about the worries of the world…..shrouding the happiness lying in nature,
I aimlessly followed the angel,
And eventually the sorrow, worry and fear left my body,
Replaced by peace, satisfaction and love.

Lured by the Nightingale I found myself standing on the edge of the most beautiful waterfall,
The water fell in the glory of night,
Hitting the bulky rocks on it’s way to destiny,
The droplets of water flailing and dancing to the midnight lullaby.

I looked into the lake and saw a smile I didn’t know I had,
One starry night in the middle of nowhere taught me a lesson of life,
I lost sight of the lady in white,
Don’t know if that was a hallucination or a reality,
But that day I rested in the lap of nature,
With a smile plastered on my face,
That day….I lived in the moment….and discovered my soul. #nature #love #poetry #thoughts #life #inspiration
#updivine #updivineyourvibes

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Shreya Goyal

About the Author: Shreya Goyal

A young adult with a newfound interest in the realms of poetry.


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