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From a victim of darkness,pleading happy fate-

sick and tired of smiling, busy making self-hate.

Silly dreams of grave wakes me up at night-

now it’s only me and the silent pitch-black light.

A time when great and grief thought comes,

creating either mind or heart full of lumps.

Just wanted to escape,hope not a disastrous end!

deeply holding the broken side I can never lend.

Soon a shadow of pain knocks for no gain,

now I am an alive massive cloud about to rain.

Making a beautiful grin to my haunting pain,

angrily this time,the pain stings my brain.

Watching me hardly breath,the spooky death calls-

sweetly both me and my ticking clock on the wall.

Ready to sadly kill myself;just to happily bleed—

now  to the heaven but let the wet mud shield.

Memories flashes by and my heavy soul aches,

To the God I return;hoping the heaven can’t be fake!



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Najila Naji

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