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I met you,

I thought it was my final adieu; You took me in your arms,

And i raised no alarms;

Spend the days and nights together,

Wishing you would take me where I belong;

Alas the white men took me far away from you,

Leaving me you eschew;

Loosing your clutches,

I feel your power abridging;

I was thrown back to the world of stones,

Where I feel my crumbling bones; If you had come to take me,

Then why you changed the decree;

Leaving me,

You proved wrong Banshee.



Is survival  always a blessing!

This poem is a lament. It is about a girl who meets an accident and doctors are able to revive her from her death bed. In the poem the girl is talking about her survival and her wish to be dead. The poem is addressed to the death angel.

Survivors guilt is a psychological problem which the people face after going through traumatic, near death incident in their life.


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