Dream Song

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Sing me to sleep to your sweet lullabies .

Have my eyes gazing at you until I fall asleep in the bedroom.

I’m humming in my heart, because your song is like a dream.

I’ve gone through hell in my life, but overcoming it each day.

It hurts like a nightmare and sometimes leads into day scares.

I would never tell nor scream.

Because your song is blissing me.

I need your voice to be in my brain , as night time begins to thunderstorm with rain.

Hypnotize me to forget all my worries and fears.

Because I’m wearing my headphones as your song plays in my ears.

I want to walk on the earth with my bare feet as they feel like sweet sheets.

Then feel the sands with my hands as the sun beams on my skin.

I don’t care about the environment whether it’s the city or country.

As long it doesn’t involve money.

I need to be free.

To live in pure enlightenment is the place I must be.

So sick and tired of always being so damn mad and angry.

All I want is to be with my family.

So sing to me your sweet lullabies.

As I am now asleep on a dream cloud and as I awake , I’m humming your tune.

Now I can carry on your song to another’s bedroom.

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Dana Sims

About the Author: Dana Sims

Hello, I'm an Aesthetic Poet and enjoys writing poetry ever since I was young. Please follow me on my social media profiles and YouTube channel as The Lotus Moon Diaries.


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