My dear bewildered birdie

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Hello my dear bewildered birdie,

My intimate friend.

You can rest here, that’s alright.


Didn’t you know?

Quite recently, I found myself overwhelmed

With emotion, impression, with passion.


Didn’t you know?

It could have been romance

Or it could have been lust.

All we shared was a glance.

Now I’m left with half a memory

Of the romance I never had.


Stay as long as you like

My dear bewildered birdie,

My intimate friend.

I’ll smile at you,

Offer you some milk and honey.

And when you’re gone,

I’ll gasp and yearn for you.

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Sarah Platt

About the Author: Sarah Platt

🥀 Literature & Philosophy student 🥀Currently writing on my first novel 🥀In love with literature, art, fairies and my pets 🥀Instagram: une.faye 📍Innsbruck, Austria

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