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Childhood poem by Alexandra Lee at UpDivine
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In the eyes of a child, all is new.
The ocean doesn’t have to be blue.
Dreams come true.
A pure heart, imagination, and curiosity too.
We wish on stars.
The world is ours.
So take note, my dear grown-ups.
For us children are wise.
With innocence we rise.
Memories are the prize.
Time stops for no man, life doesn’t cry.
So let our souls stay young for eternity,
and let our childhoods never die.

This is a poem from a collection I wrote called Childhood. The collection’s theme surrounds our childhoods, and how when we were younger, we were so innocent and care-free and imaginative. But as we grow we lose that ability to let go and be silly and dream. This collection is meant to remind us that we may grow up, but we are still children at heart, if only we give ourselves the chance to be young again.

Childhood poem by Alexandra Lee at UpDivine
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