The End of the Golden Age, by J. W. Cassandra

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The End of the Golden Age,
by J. W. Cassandra

From the Time Immemorial

The Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors’ Folk have been keeping dragons from the time immemorial. The origin of these dragons go back high in the past, obscure times. Some time long ago, when the Golden Age for humans came to an end, dragons appeared on Earth. They populated the whole Earth and were huge. No one knows where they rose here from, they were here all at once.

At the same time of yore, people and folks appeared somewhat later that of the dragons, whom no one has known before, they themselves claimed that they came to Earth because of the dragons.

Ancestors of the Dragons’ Folk

Their ancestors were Red Dragon Warrior and Aurora of Orient, whom I will talk about later. They were short of stature, combative people who strangely fought the fiercest when they sat down, crossed their legs strangely, closed their eyes, or hung them on a single point, and did not move at all. They were later named Orient Aurora’s Rays’ Folk. Because they did not descend from Earth, they possessed immeasurable knowledge.

One of the side-shoots of this folk is the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors, which marks their path by which they descended to Earth from the Dragons’ Folks. When this folk was still living in his original abode, they existed in unity with the dragons. However, with the end of the Golden Age on Earth, circumstances changed: there arrived on Earth those dragons who came to destroy people, and also those who came to teach, to help them.

In the Beginning

In the beginning, more benevolent dragons lived on Earth than malignant ones. They were the ones who helped the shamans of the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors and that of the Orient Aurora’s Rays’ Folk to drive away the evil spirits of disease. There were few shamans, but they had such a knowledge that they brought with themselves from their own world and that could cause both harm and benefit for humans. The choice was not made on Earth, so shamans could only do good to the people here. Good dragons helped them in this role: they were also taught dragon methods, dragon perspective, drive away ghosts, and fighting skills to a certain extent.

They imparted their vast knowledge to the people, so they prospered. It also happened that a dragon fell in love with a man’s daughter. In such a case, if she was willing, she could live with him. This was important because at that time dragons did not exist in human form, but there were dragon snakes, dragon lizards, and also dragons that existed in a “multi-headed” body, and such kinds.

If the girl accepted the dragon, her family respected it, in addition, they considered it an honour that the dragon had chosen their daughter. Boys were never chosen from humans because dragons are male and do not reproduce in a human way. They revealed this secret to the people, but its way not.

Devastating Dragons

However, benevolent dragons were far surpassed in number by evil dragons devastating tempered. They did not try to do good: they caused diseases, misfortunes, summoned floods, fire, earthquakes on people’s heads, they made tumble down the rocks on them, they moved the stones, the forests to destroy people, they marched up against them a whole host of evil spirits.

Lost Celestial Connection

All these were possible because at the end of the Golden Age, people made such a fatal mistake that caused the Earth to change completely: the fertile, blooming landscapes became desolate, uninhabitable; most of the animals and people were destroyed, all remained dreary and infertile. With the loss of the celestial connection, mankind fell into ignorance, into darkness, which the Dragons’ Folk could not help, but could not do so even the knowledge and effort of the benevolent dragons…

The story is continued..

Written: 2004. 03. 04., by J. W. Cassandra
Translated: 10/04. 2021., by J. W. Cassandra

(Detail, by J. W. Cassandra)

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J. W. Cassandra

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