The Four Rivers’ Dragon, by J. W. Cassandra

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The Four Rivers’ Dragon,
by J. W. Cassandra


Obscurity of Memory

In the quite distant time obscured by memory, the Four Rivers’ Dragon had lived among the four great rivers of the ages old, vast Dragon Land.

He moved here after the dragon fights had been over, knowing that who is surrounded by four rivers on Earth, the light of the Moon, that of the Sun, and the stars shine above his head, and the power of goodness springs in himself, that being is invincible.

This dragon lived a long, peaceful life, the first of the Four Rivers’ Dragons, and feeling his death approaching, he called his successor to himself.

This benevolent dragon arrived then at once at the old Four Rivers’ Dragon, who entrusted him keeping the following story:

„Listen to me carefully, because after telling you what you need to know, I will move back to our heavenly abode! Then from that time, you will be the Four Rivers’ Dragon, and you have to keep the knowledge and then impart it to your successor, which I will now impart to you.


There is an enormous column in the Dragons’ Celestial Residence. With a style, hardened in dragon fire and dipped in dragon’s blood, the following secret is engraved on it: the two big species of dragons, the benevolent and the maleficent, will overflow the Earth by the will of Heavenly Father, and the Age of Punishment will begin.

In the Age of Punishment, sinners will be destroyed by the will of Heavenly Father, and this will be accomplished by maleficent dragons.

The Benevolent Dragons and the Dragons’ Folk

When the sinners will all be punished, the benevolent dragons will also come to the Earth to curb the destruction out of control of the evil dragons among people. In order to defeat the evil dragons, the Heavenly Father will give all help, and as a result, the allies of the dragons, the so-called Dragons’ Folk, will come to the Earth.

They consist of not homogenous people, but they will divide into four isolated, different language-speaking folks, though they will be of one heart, courageous, experienced in all kinds of battles. These folks will be dreaded warriors during dragon fights who will be able to accept the glove against the evil dragons, and will hold their ground against even the most dreadful dragon. Their shamans, the heavenly healers with the help of warriors, become allies with the benevolent dragons, who finally, after the terrible Black Battle, once and for all, defeat that of the evil species in the Battle of the Red Dragon.

(The story is continued).

Written: 22/11. 2008., by J. W. Cassandra
Translated: 21/03. 2021., by J. W. Cassandra


/Detail, by J. W. Cassandra/


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J. W. Cassandra

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