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I have on various times and occasions keenly noticed and observed that there are people landing in troubles while telling truth all times sincerely like the great king Satya Harish Chandra. I myself have, as an Author, learnt that I have to follow some type of diplomacy while at office or at home or at any function/get together or at family and marriage functions. I have to come to a conclusion that I should speak in a proper manner with control over my tongue and mind.  Lest, there is every possibility to land in troubles and have to, on one day or the other, confront criticism from domestic, family, friends, social and official circles. The following DANGERS OF TRUTH would enlighten all the readers about the difficulties confronted by various people. All the readers, I hope, would benefit by reading this article.

Telling Truth always is dangerous and misfires sometimes.  One should be via media on some occasions while speaking Truth.  Many people try to bluff and do not tell the truth directly. People do not speak Truth and follow diplomacy.  Many people land in trouble because of speaking Truth.  A person should know where to speak truth, where not to speak.   One should know where to bluff and where to keep silent.

Few employees chit chatting in office, speaks naked truth, as some people do not like to hear. Some employees for show put up purpose makes statements and talk about – “I drank too much yesterday in the party”.  This statement goes viral and it cost and leads negative impact on the employee. Slowly over a period of time, when this man attends departmental promotion, his competitor airs to the selection committee members that ‘this man drinks too much every day. He is a ‘drunkard’. He always ‘drinks day-in and day-out.  He even comes to office in a ‘drunken state’. This is very sufficient to down this candidate and this candidate will be dropped from promotion.  One can see, how the above statements reflected, because of telling the truth especially to office colleagues.  This cost him the promotion.

In another incident, during chit chat in office, an employee tells his colleague listeners. Yesterday, I went to ‘Horse Races’. I earned lot of money.  I too enjoyed drinks and played cards.  This statement was aired by his colleagues over some period in the circles of his boss and others.  When an opportunity came to this person for a foreign tour for one year, his colleagues take advantage to down him.  His colleagues started telling his boss and other CEO about this gentleman’s habits of going to ‘Horse Races, playing cards and drinking habits”. The foreign trip order to this guy was cancelled and in his places his junior who was just good, was sponsored for this foreign tour.

Some of the employees run hand loan business and money lending business in office.  Most people stopped giving loan to this guy who spoke truth of playing “Horse Races, playing cards and drinking”.

So, over a period of time, people stopped speaking to this gentleman fearing he may ask money. This gentleman never got a promotion for several years.

One day another employee, after receiving his salary on the salary day, he straight went to his colleague’s house for a drink party and for playing cards.  He was drinking and playing cards for two days.  After that, he returned home.  This man was having the habit of telling the truth without following the domestic diplomacy.  He stated the truth to his wife that, he drank full and played cards continuously at his friend’s house.  Then, the wife of this man banged him for losing money and losing health.  The entire month they suffered without money, begging here and there for good grains and household material. The wife fearing that her husband again spend his salary in the gambling, straight went to his office Accounts Department, gave a letter by narrating the truth stories, demanding the office to give the entire salary of him every month to her only. So, the Accounts Department had no other go to give those employees each month salary to the wife.  Telling the truth by the employee to his wife caused this agony.

Another employee who stays near to his office in a rented house did not pay the monthly rent for consecutively for three months. He was losing money in drinking, gambling etc. When the owner asked this man about the pending rents, this gentleman told the truth that, he spent and lost the salaries in drinking and gambling etc. Telling the truth by the tenant to the owner is not correct. The owner got annoyed and makes him vacate the rental portion immediately. This caused many hardships to the tenant and his family. So, the truth landed the employee into troubles.  One has to play the diplomacy for          survival purpose. As one knows, many problems crop-up, if anybody says the real truth. Some diplomacy is to be followed at office as well as at home for survival purpose.

Even in politics, generally, truth will not be told.  People twist the things tells in other way. Truth will be buried in politics. No person in politics tells anything pertaining to truth. Some politicians generally speak all the things other than truth.  In various newspapers, there was news that a Minister declared that “people who are having Black Money would be brought to book soon”. So far, no cases booked on Black Money holders. In other statement, another Minister says “Black Money from Swiss Bank and HSBC Bank would be brought back and deposited in the Union Government Treasury. So far, there is no talk on this “Black Money” bringing from Swiss Bank and HSBC Bank etc. How a simple statement will suffice? To bring Black Money from various banks or from any other foreign bank, just like that is not possible.  There is so much of procedure involved.  There is a process for that. First of all foreign banks and their government would give permission for such acts. There seems lot of procedures. First of all the Government should prove that the money kept at foreign banks is black money.  Moreover, black money is kept in foreign banks on fictitious names.  Apart from that, money kept at foreign banks shall be in public circulation as loans and investment.  Suddenly, such huge amounts cannot be transferred to Government Treasure.

So, politicians and leaders always knew this and simply say “black money” would be brought back to the country.  Politicians know the truth that it is very difficult to bring back the black money.  Moreover, no foreign country will transfer such huge amounts of black money running into bi8llions of dollars and pounds just like that.  Foreign countries never do such things.  They knew well that by doing so, their country’s financial economy will get disturbed. Hence, politicians simply try to prolong this issue for various un-known reasons.  Also, there is Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA), Income Tax Act, Revenue Department, Central Bureau of Investigation, Enforcement Directorate has its own Acts, Rules & Regulations and Ministry of Finance and Consulate and more than all Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) permissions and approvals are needed.  Moreover, Courts have to give its clearance in these cases. There is very lengthy procedure to be followed.  Some special rules & regulations and acts are to be enacted to bring back the black money from foreign banks.  Cases are to be booked on the black money holders.

By telling the truth, ministers and politicians land in trouble and all the opposition parties will hit back at the ruling party and always try to dislodge the ruling party from power.




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