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Dr. Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu
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Conducting Horse Racing in many of the Indian States and in other Western and European Countries is common that too Horse Racing is conducted in two or three phases officially with the permission of the State and Central Government.  Generally race schedules are drawn preferably in a year.  One racing schedule with 20 to 30 races in one racing season on the selected days preferably on each Saturday or Sunday will be the racing fixtures are drawn and even sometimes races are conducted throughout the week with one day as ‘no race day’. One program will be in Summer season, another program will be in the Winter season.  For example at Hyderabad, ‘Hyderabad Race Club’ organize racing program as per All India Turf Club’s race schedules.  At Bengalure ‘Bengaluru Turf Club’ organizes racing program. At Mysore ‘Mysore Race Club’ organizes racing program. At Mumbai, ‘Royal Western India Turf Club’ organizes racing program.  At Kolkata ‘Kolkata Turf Club’ organizes racing program.  At Chennai ‘Madras Race Club’ organizes racing program.  At Delhi, ‘Delhi Race Club’ organizes racing program.

All the Indian Turf Clubs make All India Race schedules and racing fixtures and conduct regular races and intervenue betting races almost on all the days including weekends, except on Tuesdays.  Generally on all Tuesdays, there will not be any racing fixtures.  Sometimes, due to strikes, State bundhs, agitations, or due to heavy rains, if regular or intervenue races are cancelled on the race schedules, such races would be held on Tuesdays, as per Race Club Stewards Board decision.


Cash betting’s held on the race days in the Betting Ring within the premises of the Race Club.  Generally, there will be 8 to 10 or even more races are held on any race schedule day.  There will be Horse Licensed Trainers, Trained experienced and licensed jockeys and owners are present on the race days.  There will be Jackpot, Treble Event, Forecast, Quinella, Win, Place for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place betting’s of particular horses.  Race Punters who would like to play betting on race or races, have to purchase these Jackpot tickets and other events.  Some Race Clubs charge a minimum of Rs. 10/- per ticket and maximum looks to be no limit.  Once in five years, one Turf Club will conduct Invitational Races, Stayer’s Cup, Sprinter’s Cup and Invitation Cup, apart from other Cup Events.  The prize money will be very high and runs in crores of rupees for these events and owner of the horse will get the cash prizes apart from Gold Cups. Generally, there will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th prizes as per the winning horses.  Race Club’s charge entry fee for Punters, race goers to enter into Race Club.

Generally, in-form horses, best Track Horses, good, high and well breed horses, imported foreign breed horses; well trained and experienced horses would win or become 2nd, 3rd, 4th.  Sometimes, horses will base on experienced well handled Jockey-manship.  Foreign Licensed Jockeys also participate and ride horses.

Race Punters enjoy racing. Punters bet on horses.  Punters try to make quick bucks.  Some Punters lose money in horse racing.  Generally not all punters and race goers win.  Most Punters lose money in race bettings. Good number of punters/gamblers consumes liquor when they win.  Even punters take liquor also if they lose. Most of the punters make racing as their regular profession as because throughout the week, races are conducted regularly.  Sometimes, punters win the money substantially and some occasions, punters lose amounts.  Of course, there is no guarantee of winning amounts in the racing field. Sometimes, races are made-up.  It is the punter assumption and forecast pertaining to a horse winning chance.  It is an assumption and nothing is guaranteed in racing field.

But, racing field is a subject sport, as it called.  Cash betting’s done at the Race Club premises, by paying local taxes as applicable.  There is good revenue to local Governments, by way of various taxes including Income Tax on the winning amounts, as per applicability.  Even all the local news papers give tips on the winning horses and give regular horses track work for the race goers and punters knowledge.

Race Punters are habituated and addicted alcohol, hot drinks, Beer, Vodka and local made drinks etc.  Even punters habituated to smoking cigarettes regularly.  For some punters studying Race Books is a full time job.  Generally, Punters mind will be “gambling mind”.


If, for any cause and reason, any race day is cancelled, some punters enjoy drinking in bars and restaurants.  Even some friend-punters play playing cards on such race cancellation days.

Punters are experts in raising money.  They try utilizing all sources of money.  Day-in and day-out, they think and plan and see the entire route source to raise money to play races.

Even Government job holders, private job holders, business people play horse racing.  Many punters are in debts.  If the money is not with punters on any particular main race event, punters pledge the gold ornaments, silver ornaments and some punters even pledge their costly watches with the pawn-brokers.  Punters take money for interest even at 10 to 20 per cent per hundred rupees.  Many punters face money lenders problems.  Many punters families got financial setbacks due to financial hardships.  If a punter is addicted to horse racing, gambling and to alcohol, it is difficult to come out from their vicious circle. Some Governments permit horse racing in their respective States.  The income derived by the Governments through horse racing is very huge.

            For regular addicted race punter, he misses many other events in his social life.  Even punters don’t attend to many marriage functions, event.  and other programs, social functions due to deep involvement with the racing programs.



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