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The Intelligent Monkey and The Cruel Crocodile Story.
One should not deceive anybody.
There are few animals who have extraordinary intelligence.
These animals deceive other animals.
As such, one should identify, well in advance, about other animals’ super intelligence and should be careful while moving or dealing with such intelligent animals.
The one such story is here which is titled “THE INTELLIGENT MONKEY AND THE CRUEL CROCODILE”.
One should not feed or maintain cruel animals like fox, crocodiles, lions, tigers, and various other wild animals.
Even, one should not believe or trust such cruel animals.
One should always be careful with the cruel and wild animals.
This is the story of such type, as one should be very careful with animals.
Even animals also should be careful while dealing with other dangerous, cruel and wild animals
One Monkey used to stay on the Berry Tree.
This berry tree was situated in a forest near a village.
This Monkey used to eat berries and lead the life.
This berry tree was located right on top of a lake.
The berry tree leaves used to fall in the lake.
Even the berries were falling in this lake.
The tree was very close to the lake side bed.
In this lake, there lived an old crocodile.
The Monkey and the Crocodile were very close friends for quite a long time.
The Monkey used to drop few berries in this lake for Crocodile purpose.
This old Crocodile used to swallow/eat these berries everyday, as these berries are so sweet and liked by this Crocodile.
The Monkey friend used to tell this old Crocodile that Oh! My dear friend Mr. Crocodile, you eat few berries and take few berries to madam Mrs. Crocodile.
This old Crocodile took few berries to Mrs. Crocodile.
Mrs. Crocodile ate all these sweet berries.
Mrs. Crocodile gave a good complement on these sweet berries gave by Mr. Monkey friend.
Further, Mrs. Crocodile told that these Berries are too sweet, so also, your friend Mr. Monkey’s heart would also be terrifically sweet, Mrs. Crocodile surprisingly complemented and astonished Mr. Crocodile.
One day Mrs. Crocodile told Mr. Crocodile that “I want to eat the Monkey”, as Monkey’s Heart will be so sweet as like the sweet berries.
Mr. Crocodile said that, Mr. Monkey is my close friend.
It is not possible for me to allow you to kill my Monkey friend for your desire sake.
But, Mrs. Crocodile ordered that I want to eat your Monkey friend as this Monkey must be so sweet and tasty like the berries.
Mrs. Crocodile was stubborn to kill and eat Mr. Monkey.
Mrs. Crocodile gave a master plan to Husband Crocodile.
“Tell your Monkey friend, as I told you, and bring him to our house for a dinner, told Mrs. Crocodile to Mr. Crocodile.
You please bring your friend Monkey on your back, told Mrs. Crocodile.
Next day, Mr. Crocodile met Mr.
Monkey and conveyed the wish of madam Mrs. Crocodile.
My madam asked me to bring you home for a dinner today.
Please make us enjoy the pleasantness.
Please come to our house for dinner, said Mr. Crocodile.
You please sit on my back told to Monkey friend by Mr. Crocodile friend.
I will take you to my house.
The Monkey felt very happy, excited and decided to go to Mr. Crocodile house for a dinner.
The Monkey jumped from the berry tree on to Mr. Crocodile back and sat.
On way to the house of Mr. Crocodile, the Monkey was told that see dear friend, actually there is no dinner or any other  entertainment at our house.
My wife, Mrs. Crocodile wanted to eat your heart which will be so sweet as like sweet berries.
My wife will kill you and eat your heart at my house.
For that purpose only, I am taking you to my house.
You followed my dear friend Monkey?
It’s all our plan that you are being taken to my house.
You understand Mr. Monkey? Said Mr. Crocodile.
Mr. Crocodile further said, that you Mr. Monkey, you are eating these sweet berries daily all through your life.
We know how sweet your heart is.
We like to eat your heart any at cost, Said Mr. Crocodile.
Mr. Monkey surprised.
Shocked and  Worried.
Mind blocked.
Could not understand what to do.
Unable to have any plan at that particular moment.
Mr. Monkey was sitting on Mr. Crocodile.
Both were on way to Mr. Crocodile house.
They were in the middle of the lake.
After some time, this Monkey, came to full consciousness.
Tried to utilise Monkey’s intelligence.
Had a master plan to escape from the cruel clutches of Mr.& Mrs. Crocodile.
This Monkey wanted to implement its plan forthwith.
Oh! Friend Mr. Crocodile, you would have told me well in advance on this.
You delayed the matter.
I have kept my Heart at the Berry Tree at a safe place.
Let us go to the Berry Tree to bring my Sweet Heart.
I will bring my Heart now itself.
Come on, let us go fast to the Berry Tree.
Let us not waste time.
The dinner time is fast approaching.
The mindless friend Crocodile said, Okay, dear Mr. Monkey I will take you to the berry Tree very fast.
You please bring your Heart.
I will take you to the berry tree immediately now itself, said the cruel minded Mr. Crocodile.
On reaching the Berry Tree the Monkey jumped and climbed the tree very fast out of fear that this cruel friend Mr. Crocodile may kill.
After climbing the Berry Tree, the Monkey friend told Mr. Crocodile that I will not believe and will not trust ypu any time.
You’re a deceiver.
You’re a cheat.
You’re a cruel friend.
You’re a dangerous wild animal
Your mind is filled with all crooked ideas.
I could know your colors now itself.
I can’t believe you.
I can’t trust you any more.
You’re not my real friend.
You’re a foe.
You’r an enemy to me.
You’re an useless idiot.
You’re a dangerous Crocodile.
You shattered our friendship.
I thought that you’re a good friend of mine.
You’re a very nasty guy., said Monkey to Mr. Crocodile from the top of Berry Tree.
Mr.. Crocodile acted like feeling bad. Mr. Crocodile was helpless This Crocodile went to his house with tears.
Mr. Monkey saved his life.
This is Monkey’s intelligence.
Timely action and presence of mind saved the life of Monkey.
Finally the Monkey was safe.
No damage done to the Life of Monkey.
Actually, nobody believe these Crocodiles.
One should not believe cruel and wild animals.
One should not make friendship with wild animals.
One should not play with wild, cruel and dangerous animals.
If anyone makes friendship with any cruel and wild animal, it’s a harm to life.
One should be careful always.
This is a precious life.
One should always be alert while moving with any type of animal.
Animals are animals.
They have no mind as like human beings.
So, Children, please note that we should not move with any cruel and wild animals.
All children should be careful, wherever they go and even to Zoo.
Even street dogs are dangerous.
They bite children.
There are mad dogs too in many streets.
We should not go near to these dogs too.


DR. Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu
Poet, Novelist, Song and Story Writer
Visited Nairobi Kenya EA
Honorary Doctorate in Literature
(Literary, Arts, Cultural, Poetic and Research Academy)
Founder and President
Hyderabad-India, 🇮🇳

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About the Author: Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Poet, Novelist, Song and Story Writer. Published Author. Founder of POETIC CHARMINAR. Hyderabad India. Members from 100+ Countries. Hon. Doctorate in LITTT from ITMUT Brazil

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