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(Both are Intelligent)
The Fox and The Crane Story.
Both are very talented and intelligent.
The Fox has terrific intelligence.
The Fox plays lot of gimmicks and tricks on other animals.
The Fox has full of sadism.
The Crane also has little bit of cunning nature.
The Crane does not know playing many tricks as like the Fox.
The Fox and The Crane are for friends.
If Fox treats the Crane badly, then the Crane also great the Fox badly.
Pity animals have presence of mind.
The Fox and Crane knows their daily routines for their own livelihood without combating any problem.
The Fox wanted to trouble the Crane.
The Crane also wanted to trouble the Fox.
The story is related to this gimmicks play.
There lived a sadistic Fox.
This Fox has all cruel minded thinking.
This Fox has all types of dangerous ideas.
This Fox enjoys while others suffer.
Even this Fox received other animals for selfish ends.
This Fox has all sorts of colors.
Many animals fear to move with this Fox.
Many animals move away from this crooked and cruel Fox.
One day afternoon this sadistic Fox has seen a Crane.
This Crane has come other forest area.
This Crane has reached the place where this Fox was living.
This Fox has thought that this Crane is just like a guest and came like a relative.
The Fox had a flash idea.
The Fox wanted to play a trick on this Crane.
The Fox thought, “I will invite this Crane for a dinner”.
The Fox has invited the Crane for dinner, after masking a friendship with the Crane.
The Fox told the Crane, Hi, Friend, you’re my front guest today.
I will host a dinner to you today.
You please come to my house.
We will enjoy nice dish today.
You’re my best friend, told the Fox to the Crane.
You’re my guest too.
You’re my related be too, said the sadistic Fox.
Hi Crane, I am living  near that big Rock.
You can easily identify my house.
I will be waiting for you in the evening, said the Fox to this Crane.
Please come.
We will discuss many things.
Today is an auspicious day, said this Fox.
The Crane agreed to make friendship with this Fox.
This Crane has happily said, okay, my dear Fox brother, sure, I will come to the dinner to your house today evening.
We are friends from now on, said the Crane to this Fox.
Don’t worry Fox, today I am attending the dinner at your house, said the Crane.
The Crane reached the Fox house in the evening.
Fox prepared a soup as a special dish.
Fox brought one place and poured the soup in the plate and offered the Crane to drink this Soup.
The Fox had its soup in a bowl.
The Fox had helpful Soup.
This Crane was unable to take the Soup which was in the plate.
The Crane mouth was too lengthy and could not consume the Soup.
The Fox enjoyed the Soup happily.
The Fox had a big laughter on seeing the Crane.
The Crane was very angry on this Fox.
The Crane  controller it’s anger on Fox.
The Crane immediately left the Fox house.
The Crane thought that this Fox is treated in the same way as Fox treated me.
The Fox had a very nice and sound sleep.
The Crane also slept nicely at its house.
As usual, the Fox and The Crane met on the next day .
This Crane has planned to give a good retreat to the Fox.
The Crane, as usual, in a friendly manner invited the Fox friend for a nice dinner in the evening.
The Crane said, dear Fox brother, let us enjoy this evening at my house.
I am hosting you a very beautiful and never before seen dinner.
Dear Fox, don’t miss it.
We will discuss many things at the dinner time.
We will be friends for ever and ever.
The Fox immediately agreed in toto to attend to the dinner hosted by his Crane friend.
The Crane is also very intelligent.
The Crane is super fast in its action plans.
The Crane wanted to give a very good and strong dose to the Fox friend.
The Crane thought that this Fox should not forget the treat.
The Crane’s mind was burning.
The Brand’s blood was boiling.
As usual, as agreed by the Fox, the Fox reached the Crane house for the dinner.
The Crane invited the Fox pleasantly with a warm welcome.
The Crane had a chit chat for some time.
The Fox was waiting for the dinner to be served because the Fox was hungry.
The Crane said, okay dear Fox, I am arranging the dishes here.
Please just wait for few minutes.
The Crane arrived the Soup dishes.
Two dishes in the Two jars.
One soup in the lengthy jar.
One soup or n another lengthy Jar for the Crane.
The big Jar soup kept at the Fox side.
Asked the Fox to start consuming the siup.
But the Fox was unable to take th is soup because the Fox could not keep its mouth into this lengthy Jar.
The Crane had its soup very nicely.
The Crane enjoyed consuming the Soup well.
But the Fox did not take any soup.
The Fox was angry.
Unable to tell anything to the Crane friend.
The Fox immediately left the Brand’s house.
The Fox on its way to house, hunted one animal and ate.
The Crane was very happy for its treatment to factual minded Fox.
The Crane had the Soup which it was kept for the Fox.
The Crane had a nice dinner.
The Crane had slept happily.
The Crane had a big sigh of relief.
The Crane ‘s heart was cool.
The way the Fox treated the Crane in regard to dinner issue, the Crane also retreated the same way to this Fox.
The Fox did not sleep well on that night.
The Fox had thought that this Crane is also intelligent like me.
The Fox thought that I should not great badly other animals.
The Fox had a weeping face.
The Fox controlled  it’s tricks p!aging on other animals.
The Fox was truly making friendship with other animals.
The Fox has changed its mindset.
The Fox stopped receiving other animals.
The Fox was friendly with all other friend animals.
The Fox stopped cruel mind and sadistic tthinking.
The Fox changed its lifestyle.
We he Crane also observed this Fox mindset change.
Both the Fox and The Crane were very happy.
Both were never played tricks on any other animal.
Both these became very close friends.
Both lived happily in the forest.
DR. Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu
Poet, Novelist Song lyrics and Story Writer
Honorary Doctorate in LITT.
Hyderabad India
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