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Nobody can change the shape of a person or animal or creature.
So also, nobody can change the mindset.
These are the God given blessings and gifts.
Life is Precious one.
The God given life is so important that the God had assigned a project report work to each and every life on this mother Earth, or in this Universe.
Who knows, in future Centuries, the life could be seen in the Universe and even in Space too.
The God has given a perfect designed shape and mind suitable for human beings, animals, birds, creatures, life things, etc.
In this aspect, to understand more, there is a story pertaining to the RAT Marriage.
Yes, the RAT Marriage.
In olden days, there were quite a good number of Saints’.
These Saints’ used to follow the The Gods’ path.
All the Saints’ used to take bath in a River and urges and Pray the SUN God with folded hands.
On one day, one Saint who has some super-natural powers was Praying the SUN God after a dip in the river.
It was the Saint’s daily routine ritual prayer. In this process, the Saint used to drop some water in the river through his palms, as part of his deities prayer program.
During the Saint’s prayer time,  one small Rat has fallen in the palms of the Saint from the Sky.
The Saint immediately thought that the SUN God has blessed him with this small Rat.
The Saint wanted to adopt this Rat as his daughter.
The Saint turned this RAT into a beautiful baby girl.
The Saint started looking-after this baby girl as his daughter.
This baby girl has grown-up as a beautiful girl.
She has come to the marriage age.
The Saint decided to perform her marriage.
In this aspect, the Saint asked his daughter, see dear daughter, do you like to get married?
Number of marriage alliances are coming.
If you say okay, I will give you the list of bridegrooms.
You can Select your liking bridegroom. This beautiful girl said, okay daddy.
The Saint asked the beautiful daughter, can you marry the SUN God?
If you agree to this proposal, please tell me, I will speak to the SUN God, said the Saint.
For this, the daughter said that the SUN God is so heat, I can’t see his face.
The SUN God generates too much and unbearable heat.
He is too hot.
I am afraid of him, says this beautiful daughter to his father Saint.
The AIR God approaches the Saint and convey about marrying the beautiful daughter.
On this the Saint asks his daughter, see dear daughter, would you marry AIR God?
For this, the daughter says, that the AIR God has no shape.
This AIR God has no place to live.
He moves one place to another.
So, I can’t marry the AIR God, says the beautiful daughter.
Next approach was a Rocky Mountain.
The Rocky Mountain God prepared to marry this beautiful girl and urges the Saint for this.
The same thing was conveyed to daughter by the Saint, that the Rocky Mountain is interested to marry you, dear daughter said the Saint father.
Then the daughter says to father Saint, that I can’t marry this huge Rocky Mountain.
I don’t like this Mountain.
This Mountain will have No Heart.
This Mountain is very tough and rough, says this beautiful girl.
The Saint says to his daughter, see my dear daughter, you have rejected few marriage proposals of these pure and sacred Gods’ THE SUN, THE AIR and THE MOUNTAIN.
This is not correct.
Please tell me your opinion.
To whom you would like to marry?
I will speak to them., said the Saint to his daughter.
This beautiful daughter said, see daddy, I want a soft husband who can dance with me, who can play with me, who can jump with me and who can participate in all my programs, as we like to enjoy the life.
The Saint thought for a while.
The Saint had a flash thinking.
The Saint gave an ingenious thought.
The Saint had a deep opinion.
The Saint could understand with his third sense about his daughters mind set.
The Saint came to one conclusion.
The Saint asked his beautiful RAT-turned-beautiful Daughter, see dear daughter “Can you marry this RAT, so that you can enjoy dancing, jumping and playing.
The Daughter said, Yes father, I like to marry this RAT.
Gives green signal to father.
The Saint had a big laughter and a sigh of relief.
Okay dear daughter, said the Saint father.
The Saint turned her beautiful daughter again as an origin RAT and performed the marriage with another RAT.
Both Rats got married.
Happily playing, dancing, jumping and went into a big whole.
These two Rats lead a happy married  life.
The Saint, the SUN God, the AIR God and the MOUNTAIN God blessed these Two Rats, a Very Happy Married Life.
Hyderabad India

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About the Author: Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Poet, Novelist, Song and Story Writer. Published Author. Founder of POETIC CHARMINAR. Hyderabad India. Members from 100+ Countries. Hon. Doctorate in LITTT from ITMUT Brazil


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