The Malicious Dreams

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An endless road;

Nowhere it goes,

Or, goes to somewhere…


When the chaps got the wrong way,

And, and, unable to turn back…

“We should never get the road, never!”


Hence, when they directed to another direction,

Now, only one of them is at another zone…

In the Doomsday Eve, just before the Armageddon,

Yes, he is alone without anyone in the unknown zone…


In the darkness of the twilight,

He is eye to eye with a gunman.

He surrender with his fearful

Trembling hands on his head;

And now, his feet are trembling…

The gunman was telling something

But his voice was unhearable yet.

He approached further to hear

But only his lips were moving muted.

“What is the hell he saying or demand?”


Soon after, suddenly, two doberman

Loomed barking behind the frontier

And ready to eat him alive…

“Attack!” As if the gunman ordered

With his horrifically muted voice…


Getting darker further…

And black cloudy, and; he is

Unsteady right now,

The dogs with red bloody eyes

Within their groovy sharpen teeth

Were staring him ready to eat him…


Later on, the gunman’s eyes turned into black,

Then white, and then red!

He was exclaiming something very silently





And so madly…

After that blew up like a giant;

Or a tremendous monster!


He was a huge zombie…

Looking very horrific and madly…

“Run! Run away from here!”

The giant and the dogs;

Were running after him!

But, thus, he is unable to return…


Nonetheless, he could get hidden

Into the zone behind the frontier…

So now, being in a dark chamber,

Trapped and imprisoned unable

To go out again…

Suddenly, his trembling hands

touched to a fuse to switch on

The broken semi-lighted red lamps…


The red lights… Were flashing hesitantly…

“Where the Hell I am?”

Get out from here if you can!


The Earth is treading under the feet

Of the zombie with the black Hell dogs…

While the boy is still looking for a door.


“Tommy? Where the hell you are?”


“Tommy, come here, you rat!”

“Mom, I’m trapped here, help!”


Soon after…


“Tommy, wake up!”

“Oh shit! That was a nightmare.”

“Not at all.”



The zombie is approaching furthermore,

Sooner than before,

It will be a big disasters…

The Earth is collapsing,

Red alert! Red alert!

In the Doomsday Eve,

Before the Armageddon,

The sun will not rise anymore;

But nobody is ready for reckoning.




He is in the chamber again…

In the darkness, but with

Flashing red light inside…

And again, looking for

The exit…


For now, the zombie got far away

But, it will come again to the zone…


“How to distinguish anything clearly here to find?

The visibility is highly low…”




“These must be some fuses…

But I’m confused!

What if they don’t work?

Or even are connected to a bomb?”




“Here is the door! Just across!”




“Nothing is visible clearly…

I can see nothing…

Where is the fucking key?”




There is no any benefit to try to break the door,

The boy is locked and trapped to be victim,

The crushing sounds under its feet

Is deafen his ears…


Although he is splashing his own face

To wake up as soon as possible,

But, thus, it will not be useful at all.




Screeching and screaming with pain,

All of his struggles for vain.

The zombie was approaching,

And his end is coming…

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About the Author: Mustafa Menteşoğulları

I am Mustafa Kemal Menteşoğulları from Cyprus and dealing with miscellaneous literature such poetry, short story, essay, etc.

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