The Call of Azrael

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Fear of the death

Than the fear of the dark,

Jason is due to hang himself

With a bold rope on an oak tree…

The rope is ready to kill to destroy;

As soon as he rolls it on his neck…

Very slowly…

Letting himself to down…

Step by step…

High tremors of the fear…

The broken branch protected him Of dying at that time.

“No! No! No! I can’t let to pain…”


While nobody is at home,

And he is so alone,

In the midnight,

Through the full moon light Among the foggy clouds…

Jason locked himself to his bedroom…

“The yellow pages must be in the drawer.”

He is now turning the pages very quickly

And so madly to find the right number.

(0)-666-999-666-0 That is the Call of Azrael!

“Do you confirm that you want to die?”


“Remember you can never change your decision!”

“No, I want to die,”

“The Azrael will be there. RIP!”

“Where did you stay?”

Jason is crying and trembling

With the fear of the death,

While the life is sweet,

But, the death is bitter.

Sweating and shivering,

And trembling with tremors…

Azrael is so late…

An hour later…

Jason recoiled to push back

With the harsh noisy knocking,

“Who’s there?”

“Mr. Jason, we’re here to kill you.”

“But, I’m waiting for Azrael.”

“Sorry, he’s very busy.”

“So, you’ll kill me?”

“Yes, sir. It will pain a lot!”

“No, it is not fair!”

“It’s too late. RIP!”

“No, get away from me!”

The men in black And with their knives

To stab,

The chase began Jason is unable to escape;

That was the Call of Azrael,

The zeal of the painless death

Will be lack of success;

Ready to die,

Fear is high;

The Call of Azrael;

And now, the death is ordeal!

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About the Author: Mustafa Menteşoğulları

I am Mustafa Kemal Menteşoğulları from Cyprus and dealing with miscellaneous literature such poetry, short story, essay, etc.


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