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What had she seen?

What had she seen?

As her dull eyes unblinkingly stare unfocusedly out in front of her,

As the fallen raindrops cling onto her unnerving pale skin,

As her boyishly short hair remains wet with the remnants of the fallen heavens,

As the chilling deathly air surrounds her,

As she remains detached as it chills her to the very bone,

As it makes her hands feel like china and her fingertips like icicles.

Yet she keeps walking, walking, walking.


What had she seen?

What had she seen?

As the lifeless, trees raise their bony, skinny arms up to the skies begging for mercy,

As she walks through this unforgiving, dead world,

As life seems to be only a mere fairy-tale of a joyful dance,

As she is all alone, constantly keeping a quick, mechanical pace through this endless void,

As the relentless sounds her feet make on the muddy ground breaks the unnerving, eerie silence,

As her unmoving feline companion remains grudgingly tucked up in her arm,

As its female master keeps a haunted vigil on the road ahead of her, not knowing when this journey will end, not caring either.

Yet she keeps walking, walking, walking.


What had she seen?

What had she seen?

As her lifeless eyes has lost its innocent sparkle of wonder and her cheeks has lost its rosy glow,

As her thin shawl hung desperate loose, clinging to one half of her skinny frame,

As she doesn’t pause or even slow down on her relentless excursion through this dead, dark domain,

As her cat bows its head as if asking for forgiveness or helplessly can’t do anything to ease the girl’s pain,

As the only knowledge, she has pertained is just the need to get away, far away, destination unknown,

As her two skinny legs keep going and going, her ignorant feet taking her somewhere, anywhere but here, somewhere far away.

And she keeps walking, walking, walking.


Haunted by what she had seen.

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Elaine Mullarkey

About the Author: Elaine Mullarkey

She/Her Wordsmith and bibliophile that does a spot of writing every now and again.

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