Snape’s Agony

This poem is inspired by a few things – illness, Snape and Lilly

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Fear (My invisible enemy)

Fear (My invisible enemy) Why do you scare me every time? I feel you even when clocks chime You increase my heartbeats and I get perspire Because of you I never go near water and…

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The Call of Azrael

Fear of the death Than the fear of the dark, Jason is due to hang himself With a bold rope on an oak tree… The rope is ready to kill to destroy; As soon as he rolls it on his neck… “No! No! No! I can’t let to pain…” So… While nobody is at home, And he is so alone,

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Voices In My Head|A Chanso Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine

Voices In My Head | A Chanso Poem by Ritika Nahata

This poem explores the five stages of grief, i.e. denial, anger, bargain, depression, acceptance. Each stage is covered in each of the paragraphs.
Chanso is a French poetic form with 5-6 stanzas followed by a convoy.

Voices In My Head|A Chanso Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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The Malicious Dreams

In the darkness of the twilight, He is eye to eye with a gunman. He surrender with his fearful Trembling hands on his head; And now, his feet are trembling…

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Haunted- a little girl walks in the woods with her cat.

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Fire and Ice by Robert rost

Fire and Ice | A Poem by Robert Frost

Robert Frost chooses the best alternative as a mode of destruction if the world had to end this moment. He chooses the better mode from amongst ‘fire’ and ‘ice’. He is also giving justification for his choice.

Fire and Ice by Robert rost
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I Thought I Could Not Be Hurt by Sylvia Plath

I Thought I Could Not Be Hurt | A Poem by Sylvia Plath

‘I Thought That I Could Not be Hurt’ is one of the first poems written by Sylvia Plath during her teenage years with a sad undertone. In this poem, she wants to express how her life was happy and joyful. And how these pleasant feelings aren’t permanent.

I Thought I Could Not Be Hurt by Sylvia Plath
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whatif by shel silverstein

Whatif | A Poem by Shel Silverstein

Very rare are the people who can fall asleep at night without a ‘Whatif’. Shel Silverstein in this adorable and cute poem describes 20 “whatif’s” that do not let this young boy sleep.

whatif by shel silverstein
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I hope after all this quarantine I’ll finally get back on stage. I choked 4 years ago and haven’t tried again. I know fear is just in my head. I just have to get passed it. More poetry on my blog,

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Remember by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Remember | A Poem by Christina Georgina Rossetti

This poem describes the fear of Christina Georgina Rossetti, not from death but from the fact that her lover might not remember her after she is gone. But as the poem progresses, she accept that for a greater good, it would be better if he forgets her and live happily, rather than remember and be sad.

Remember by Christina Georgina Rossetti
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I Measure Every Grief I meet |Poem by Emily Dickinson

This is an extremely sad poem, much like the life of Emily Dickinson. A poem about her appraisal of the sadness and grief that she meets, and I bet she meets many. This poem just keeps getting sad until the last couple of paragraphs, where she reveals that other’s grief gives her comfort. It is others too, who have suffered. And some of the pains are like hers.

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Diving Into The Wreck Adrienne Rich

Diving Into The Wreck | A Poem by Adrienne Rich

‘Diving into wreck’ is a poem that talks about the whole diving experience of a sea diver straight from the preparation stage until when he reaches the bottom of the sea to find a wreck. This poem talks about the whole emotional journey of the diver.

Diving Into The Wreck Adrienne Rich
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Yukio’s Agony

A poem about the fear of a boy and how friends come to aid. But there are some fears that you just can’t seem to get away with. So he just could not forget the year. The poem has a consistent rhyming scheme of ABA and ABAA in the last paragraph.

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Dear Covid-19

A covid-19 inspired poem to give humanity hope.

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