Fear (My invisible enemy)

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Fear (My invisible enemy)
Why do you scare me every time?
I feel you even when clocks chime
You increase my heartbeats and I get perspire
Because of you I never go near water and fire
I don’t dare to go to the height of any tower
I feel numbness in my body as if no power
You deprive me of many enjoyments in life
I can not afford to slip up so always strive
You make me a coward by stealing my courage
Because of you, I do not dare to go on stage
Though I possess much knowledge and skill
Because of you always my potentiality is killed
I hate you and beg you please leave me alone
Because of you only I have become a clown
Miseries of my life are increasing ever
You never show anyone your favour
What do you get by humiliating other
Who struggles in life and never bother
The bitter moments of life are your gift
While capturing people you are always swift
You deprive us of many opportunities
We scare even under high possibilities
You capture our brain and infuse negativity
You put us in dilemma hence we do stupidity
You destroy our confidence in a while
And put our lives always in turmoil
And put our lives always in turmoil
Sajed Ali Khan
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