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“Started as a blog and became a book. The moment I started writing this, I was actually wondering that how I’m gonna put these many thoughts in a single blog. Still I went with it and kept writing and writing…, in minutes I completed around ten pages or so, but I guess that wasn’t the moment to find the answer and the blog or whatever this was at that stage got stalled. Few weeks later, things happen in such manner that – completing writing this book was just a matter of a whole two weeks – give and take a day or two. But the journey was great. The writing part of these weeks, the thinking part of hours, the correcting and believing part of days, the confusing part of weeks, months, years, the relating part of the whole life experience and the balanced part of holding the answer – everything was worth it. 

And when the moment of realization came that whenever it’s gonna get published, it’ll be in the book form only – the concern to present these thoughts, out in public made me to cross check. Penning down a poetry or a blog has its liberty to flow in any direction but when the term ‘book’ comes, it kind of becomes necessary to flow but in an organized manner. However, I was in the finishing stage of the book and to clear few of my thoughts, I went looking for the answers out in the present world. Till now I was writing down each and everything which was coming from the inner thoughts and beliefs but to give a realistic* conclusion, I went studying a few literal terms, definitions and theories and finding the same thought process and everything so accurately relatable* was a great surprise. Yes, it made me more excited to finish the book as soon as possible  and get it published but/as I was holding the answer* finally!

That actually is the magic. Whatever comes from the inner real self, is true. And that is why one should never stop doing whatever journey they’re on, if it gives you a sense of clarity and meaningfulness. The magic – The answer is within. Trust it and Embrace it.” 



Sky is the limit but first dive in.

Discover the gems deep under the ocean.

Once you find the light within….

You start acknowledging about the outside.

There’s so much to learn and explore.

In this world and physical form, it’s very limited.

Everything is within you. Recognize it. Find it. Know it.

And you’ll hold the answer.



So let’s begin from the very beginning where it all started…




I don’t know how long this piece of writing will be, but one thing I’m sure of is that, I need to put many points, they all are related and yet not. Putting them one by one is what makes them different and putting all that in this writing and hopefully coming to a conclusion, is what makes them related.

One constant question in my mind – “Why are we on this earth!?”

It’s been years now, time has changed, decades! And the question has put the exclamation now with itself. Lessons, experiences, knowledge, acceptance and denials – living all – and yet the same question.

Maybe I’m somewhere near to the answer, maybe I’m still in the dark of unknown of the zero. But this question is there. Never dared to ask it to someone else, but always questioning my own self with these words. And the question remains the same – “Why are we on the earth!?” – not ‘me’ but we.

And, I don’t feel it’s any kind of wrong asking it, even for decades now, maybe because I’m somewhere to the light of the answer.

Life’s a trap! Nah. Being on the earth is a trap! Nah. It all has to happen and it’s happening. But how much right is there! That’s what concerns me.

We all know about the birth of this planet, solar system, galaxy – and we all know about the birth of our own self, this body!

And there has been so many other birth of different things – like land, relationships, work, passion, art, health, science, history and future…!

Should we narrow down the focuses or should we keep going deeper with these countless births..?

Should we keep working our hard and fund the armies, taxes and let lives end – OR – should we keep working hard and feed the sick, fund the poor and let lives live!

Fighting over lands, communities – being politically rational – can be being realistic, but how much acceptable is that!

Just to save this side’s right, we do the wrongs on the other side!

Leaving the global issue, we can talk about nation’s problem. BUT should we go deeper…!? And let these countless births happen. OR should we narrow down the focuses…!

Starting from the basics – School life – Subjects. Although a many don’t get even this deserving fortune (-sadly) – But that is the minor part of putting the following point. We get to study and learn about languages (basic communication methods.), history, geography, economics etc. (to grasp general knowledge), arts (to express), science (to wonder), and mathematics (to get the understanding of solving problems.)

But with – time, age and social rush – we are getting deep into the struggle of basic survival rather than narrowing the main point and focusing on the big picture. Call me unrealistic but one should be… at least to bring the ‘question’.





Maybe there was a time, where science was put highly, it deserves that place at present as well, undoubtedly. And in the future too, BUT – – – now it’s just the everyday battle for the survival.

People are asking now – why science, history, languages, mathematics were being taught so seriously instead of teaching the knowledge of how to survive in this society – how to deal with the daily adult encounters – be it legal, financial, health, mental or social. Well they aren’t questioning wrong! Because it’s the question of the present time. A solution for the present time is being asked.

But what about past or future…!

I agree, first comes the survival and then a concern for future or a thought for the past AND if we’re talking about present. Let’s do that. —

Being a part of the society, we attach ourselves. Start becoming a group, community, work on matters together, many other things but we start distancing ourselves from the inner conscious, soul, basic humane, AND then what remains is just the outer we, the visible form, the pretense, the things which are happening for just the cage pleasure.

I’m not saying not to work as a union for something and be selfish, I’m talking about the conscious of being one (individual/group) powerful soul and giving better to the society – the humankind!

In today’s world, every individual wants to work for his/her passion, the basic want – and every individual needs to work for the survival, the basic need. And between that one – want and need, the individual just lives with the mindset of living for the moment and till the time we’re here.

BUT, here the question arises again – WHY ARE WE HERE? The question to begin with, the question to go on with and the question still without an answer.

Why actually are we here!? I’m sure this always comes up once in a while – whenever we feel lonely, lost, stuck, struggling, the reason can be anything. And we often just – process it for a little while and get back to our lives – whatever is the circumstance.

But, isn’t it a thing to wonder! To give it a little more of the thought and actually try to find out the reason or answer or just a tiny percentage of it.

In this social world, where each individual is just doing something for the society, in the society – is actually struggling on personal level. Where a matter of fact could be solved with good communication and understanding – what all the individual understands is that – it’s better not to share! In reality, he/she is lonely. I’m bringing out a very common and relatable example here, it is reality but it is not normal. And when one starts losing the self, it starts affecting the society. On personal or global level – we all are involved in doing the right thing on this side and letting the wrong happen on the other. That isn’t a balance – that’s an incorrect way. A path which doesn’t lead to any answer of – THE QUESTION.

When we end the struggle of survival, we begin the path to the living.

We aren’t here to suffer, we’re here to give a meaning to this life. Make this birth worth. Upsettingly enough, we’re trapped in the illusion which feels like peace and happiness. But it’s just SAD – where one’s being peaceful and happy at the personal level – when at the same moment on the planet – someone else is getting sacrificed in a war or one is dealing with depression from years! Or getting killed, raped or bullied!

We need to understand the basic reality of our existence – that – we’re of the same matter. Yes there are differences – there should be – as the earth is billions of years old and change happens – giving birth to new things BUT accepting differences and putting them as a shield and creating illusionist self (individual/group) – is unacceptable, and clearly is a TRAP.

Both on personal and global level, we should be acting as one – keeping the basic humane existed and moving nearer to the answer of – THE QUESTION.



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