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time is still passing freely

see she never stops for anyone

i’ve met her

she’s unstoppable

only thing that drives her is the fact that her only task is to keep passing

she doesn’t think about anything other than running

leaving in her wake

friendships, family and love

all worn out

teared down from each corner

graves of lovers and remains of sisters

all now dust chasing her by the heels

they want her to wait

they beg, they plead, they scream

but she’s been programmed to not hear

she doesn’t know when she started or if she will ever stop

but it’s all the same to her

she will pass

don’t ask her to wait, i’ve already tried

she spoke with a whisper and her words left behind tears

tears falling and soaking my t-shirt

she’s met death before

death feels pain

he is the epitome of misery

his hands heavy from all the souls he carries around

he never has to pull the trigger

they fall at his feet

he picks up each one

one by one

throws them over his shoulders and drags his feet forward

he too like time doesn’t know where he ends

however he remembers when he started

the first soul he had to carry away

the first soul he sat with and explained what must happen next

he cried tears he didn’t know existed within him

that day he had to accept his truth

truth was his love

she left behind traces of secrets on his lips

her scent lingering

her fingers so close yet so far

how could it be she was gone?

she was sweet but bitter

only sometimes leaving behind the taste of lovers

other times making eyes tear from the smell of disbelief

death loved her bc she wasn’t liked by everyone

maybe that was his favourite trait about her

together they caused mountains of fire

they were the perfect combination

they didn’t belong together

but somehow always ended up with one another

their fates forever set in stone

she watches him collect and grow heavy

never resting

she sees through the hollow of his eyes

she sees the man he once was

the man he was before he met his truth

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