The Catepillar’s Dream

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The Caterpillar’s Dream

(Star egg)

The other day

I had a strange dream.

I was with a caterpillar.

Here’s what he was saying.

My life is long and rough.

I have to be rampant to survive.

Then he looked me in the eyes.

I saw that he was sad but resigned.

All of a sudden, he quickly turned into

a cocoon and then into a beautiful butterfly.

His multicolored wings

started to flap and then he disappeared in the sky.

All I remembered after that

was the incredible joy that brought tears to my eyes

and the last thing he told me before he left.

There is something I would really like to know before I leave.

Am I the only one

who spends his life eating without knowing why

and end up wrapping himself up,

in a cocoon, before

his death?

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