Chasing Rainbows

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I have chased rainbows a lot of times,
After the rain when the sun shines,
I ran across fields soaked and muddy,
But these are rainbows,
It is what makes me happy!

I chased rainbows a hundred times more,
Until I can longer run and my legs are sore,
I chased them like in the meadow of  my dreams,
Or in the puddled streets where I usually scream,

I chased them sometimes even in the gloom of rain,
People would ask, ” What’s got in to your brain?”
At times, I follow the storms,
To the point of forlorn;

I have chased those rainbows,
You ask me why I chase them?
Truth be told, it might be the pot of gold!
Or maybe a wish granting gnome,
Or maybe a deity to give me wisdom,

I have chased rainbows and I am chasing them still,
That is a truth and a promise I will fulfill,
These rainbows could be older than the world,
Who knows?
That is  a lovely unknown I would like to behold.

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About the Author: Moler James Memoria


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