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I still remember when you first arrived
carried in your mother’s arms you smiled
seeing you we all felt so elated
It’s been years since a kid giggled

Saw you crawling and your first step
seen your little mischiefs and outbursts
knew corners that use to frighten you so much
and secret places you would hide your fortunes

Saw you growing up a teenager
making new friends as old one’s wear
your late arrivals and frequent sleepover
obsessed with your looks over & over
your ploys colored in various excuses and innocence painted on all your senses

Saw you crying when no one’s around
pretending to sleep when someone around
Your tussle with varying thoughts
You gazing the window into the dark
Saw you fell a couple of times
about wisdom and things you need in life
getting a glimpse of what’s out there
beyond your comfort and all care

Saw you leaving with moist eyes
your visits reduced to few I can count
settled somewhere away from our eyes
I still don’t know your whereabouts
hope you got some place nice
like the one you lived all your life
hope you build similar at your place
and call the four walls your warm place
Now I have become old and infirm
but I know you have your own compulsions

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