Mon cher! O time!

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Mon cher! O time!
I have come to cognize,
Over time.
You are the one
whom I solely belong,
And you are only
soul that’s mine.

Te amo?
not sure
hate you? have iffies
But, over time
I have come to cognize
All I do to you is

Gesehen your shades.
winters blushed pink,
summer sunshine yellow,
monsoon sickness blue,
even seen your black and whiltes,
but what over time,
turned you grey?

si sposta, so many.
I have seen you
run like a Jamaican boy,
grove like carribbean,
walk like queen to throne,
amazing grace!
But what caused you to sedate?

ma oe, a lot
was planned
learning, fun, adventure
You gave a lot
but what over time?
I see your primordial self.

een versoek!
Can you not? for once,
and for last?
change your gears,
and be a bit fast? Jus’stp
your amazing grace!
M’tired, you see!

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Ritika Baid

About the Author: Ritika Baid

"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul"


  1. I thought at once, this is your poem. 😊 Great! It gives a real intellectual challenge to understand all the expressions starting the strophes. And on the structure: after you place Him in the time with a break in a form of an adddress, you go on with questions on emotional state.Then you evoke the past, first in the perspective of seasons then that of in motion. Me hit in the heart the greyness and the loss of impulse – that give life. Further on structure: in the next strophes you mention first the past plans then the turn on the present. They’re together a very interesting technics: partly as a film cutting technics, partly as the flood and flashes of memory, following that of Proust’s. You go from the personal to the common. And one more aspect: you walk in your poem a way from the “one whom I solely belong”, to his “primordial self” and as a crown, you embrace both the memories and plans with firm, pure love. So you rise the entire poem into height of universal. I think your poem is great! 👌💖😍😊

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