Purpose of Life

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Purpose of life is not to live

It is to be full of joy and feel alive

Blissful life is a blessing in itself

When you don’t live just for yourself.


A life spent in serving others

A life spent in spreading smiles

A life dedicated to clear their tears

A purposeful journey of thousand miles


People seek money, people seek wealth

Some are smart and seek health.

But very few seek the deep true treasure

Seeking the chance to distribute pleasure.


Giving is the new ask

Giving is the noble task

Giving so that the life is spent

In the eternal sunshine we bask.


Explore the mountains

Enjoy the jungles

Escape the concrete chaos

And the cacophony of shingles.


Keep it simple

That is truly ample

All you need is in your heart

If you live as an example.



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Sridhar Mulakaluri

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