A gifted girl

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God sends him a lovely pearl

And father curses his baby girl

Oh! She is sorry for being born

She didn’t make a decision alone

For them it’s worth if it’s a boy

only then comes the heavenly joy


Every girl is a powerful woman to be

Always has an aspiring future to see

She can also fly with her wings

And evolve different life that links

So no soulful foetus needs a kill

Her sex is determined not on her will

Yes, everytime a mom is blamed

Not a single father is ashamed


She may be the worrying trouble

To the very happily living couple

But if not today surely tomorrow

You will have happy news to borrow


The day you never thought of coming

Not your son but your girl is shining

Your worthless girl lands on the moon

And she is back to home very soon!

Now dad is shook and feels so proud

Moment is cherished happily aloud


If you have a girl then you have a gem

Also you have the biggest kingdom

She is your queen about to rule

So if you kill one;you are a deadly fool.

Say no to wrong & hold your blessings

We want our sisters always blushing














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