Human Experience

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Our world standing by for those who crave it, internally and externally.

Live simply and love endlessly. Modify your story. Circumstances change & inevitably people too.

I will tell you one thing: the less tangible items you possess, what we “believe we need”, the better off you’ll be.

Your true purpose lies in this enigmatic human experience.

Don’t forget, we have one go around in this lifetime.

Societal status, degrees, positions, cars, homes and god, the intangible money that fuels it all. Its an imaginary world with a false sense of security haze in the air. 

At the end of life you won’t be reminiscing on the voids filled with temporary dopamine rushes that dwindle away— but the people, places, & memories made.


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Alyssa Winchester-Calderon

About the Author: Alyssa Winchester-Calderon

(Bios are so awkward) INFJ Indigenous Integrative healing arts practitioner Published freelance writer Advocate & volunteer for: Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Endometriosis

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