If I were in charge of the world Judith Viorst

If I Were In Charge of The World – A Poem by Judith Viorst

“If I Were In Charge of the World” lists the changes to the world that Judith Viorst brings about if she would be controlling the world. She would approve all the things that make her happy.

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The Muddlehead by Ogden Nash

The Muddlehead | A Poem by Ogden Nash

The muddlehead is a poem about a man who remains mentally confused, a little bit insane. He has a problem making sane decisions. He wears his clothes the wrong way, speaks the weird language, creates new words, is asking for wrong favors at wrong places. He is the man who makes everyone laugh. His story is everyone’s favorite.

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Forgetfulness by billy collins

Forgetfulness | A Poem by Billy Collins

This is the poem about the limitations of the memory-feature of human brains. Due to these limitations, we tend to forget things. This poem lays down the whole logical sequence in which our brains start forgetting things.
This comes as a word of caution to all the writers desperately trying to create a masterpiece. No matter how beautiful your creation is, it will go down to oblivion, as we all will.

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adventures of isabel ogden nash

Adventures Of Isabel | Poem by Ogden Nash

This is an extremely humorous poem by Ogden Nash about our adventurous episodes of Isabel. Kids just love this poem. You read this in front of them once and they will ask you to repeat the same again and again.

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I have seen it all updivine

I Have Seen It All

Yesterday, I got a good scolding from my younger brother. He said I have been wasting my time since past few months writing. According to him, there are two prerequisites for being a writer, either a broken heart or a residence out of the city in the middle of some woods (like Robert Frost had). According to him, if I can’t write about, or I don’t have either of the two then I can’t be a writer.
So, here is the story of my first love, then the second one, and the finally a failed marriage. He has no idea how many times I had the broken heart and how many times I had to make a move.

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