Annabel Lee Edgar Allan Poe Poem

Annabel Lee | Poem by Edgar Allan Poe

In this poem, the speaker talks about his love that was long lost. Lost, because it was so strong that everyone at the ‘kingdom by the sea’ envied it. The speaker believes that this, even though they were just little kids, love between him and his Annabel Lee was stronger and deeper than the ones between the people older and wiser than them. That despite the physical distance no one can part their souls from each other. Their love was real love and no teenage crush.

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adventures of isabel ogden nash

Adventures Of Isabel | Poem by Ogden Nash

This is an extremely humorous poem by Ogden Nash about our adventurous episodes of Isabel. Kids just love this poem. You read this in front of them once and they will ask you to repeat the same again and again.

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The Tyger William Blake Poem

The Tyger | A Poem by Willam Blake

This poem depicts Blake’s sheer admiration for the ‘Tyger’ and for the God who made this mortal. This poem is full of questions. There are a total of 13 question marks in the poem.

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