Their Last Conversation Updivine

Their Last Conversation

It is said that after that fateful night, Lord Krishna left for his mission, and eventually became the famous and got the title of ‘Dwarkadhish’.
But after that Radha and Krishna only once had a very brief meeting, that too in the middle of the war of Mahabharata; where Radha was supporting the Pandavas and was representing her village. So when Krishna saw Radha after so many years, there was an uncontrollable flow of tears from his eyes. Witnessing this Radha started smiling. And when Krishna enquired the reason for the lovely smile in the middle of an extremely emotional meet, she said: 
“I am happy for the fact that though the great Dwarikadhish lives, laughs and smiles for the world; his eyes still tears only for me.”
And actually, it is said that this was their last conversation, and they never met in their lives again.

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Grudges Updivine

Grudges- Are They Really Worth Holding?

If even my God could forgive a sinister as big as ‘a terrorist’, do we as normal human beings deserve to hold and carry the burden of grudges against them? Or we could also just forgive them?

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Pain Updivine

Pain- Its not that painful after all!

Pain is just another feeling. We find it bad because our mind that keeps telling us to dislike it. And, like us, our mind can also be trained, not to dislike the pain. And once we are able to do that, we would be able to feel the pain just like any other touch. Maybe like the cold breeze we love to feel on our face on a windy day in autumn or the warm sun-rays in winters. Trust me, all we need to do is focus on the feel rather than thinking about whether it is good or bad.

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Life Updivine

Life Like a Big-Bang

For when the time come when universe shall die,
And all will be submerged as one into thy..
Like this would be my biggest achievement,,
When there would be none in disagreement.

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  It was wee hours in the morning, and I had taken the train to visit my brother. A typical Indian railway coach, and everyone trying to somehow adjust and just fit in. There were…

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